Alex Rodriguez Is Incredibly ’Proud’ Fiancée JLo Is Performing At Inauguration

January 17th 2021, 1:02 am

By ScrollFiend Staff

The MLB legend still can’t believe that he is engaged to Jennifer Lopez!

Alex Rodriguez is reportedly beaming with pride ever since J.Lo was selected to perform at the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden. A source revealed to Hollywood Life just how deep A-Rod’s admiration goes on Saturday.

“Even though Alex is engaged to Jen and spends almost all his free time with her, believe it or not, he still gets starstruck by her at times," Hollywood Life’s source told them. “Alex has had a huge crush on Jen for years before they even knew each other and sometimes he’s just in awe of what an incredible talent she really is.”

High Hopes For New Administration

The source continued to describe what the inauguration performance means to Lopez and Rodriguez. “It’s more than a concert or performance for her music, this is a moment in history that she’ll always be part of and he’s honored to be standing by her side throughout this journey.”

Lopez will perform on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, during the “Celebrating America” special. A different source told HL that JLo thinks the special day could be the first step down a positive road for the entire country. “America has been so divided these past four years and Jennifer knows that bringing the country together again is a big goal. To be there celebrating the first woman Vice President, that means so much to her, not just for herself, but also as a mother, for her and Alex’s girls. It’s such a historic moment and she feels blessed that she gets to be a part of celebrating it.”

A-Rod Coming In Clutch
Fox Business

The baseball star's excitement for J.Lo and her new company, JLo Beauty knows no bounds! The savoy business man has helped his fiancée develop her brand from one that just makes licensing deals into one that owns the products fully. What does that mean in layman's terms? J.Lo used to just get paid to put her name on products but now she, A-Rod, and their partners are selling her products directly to the consumer. Rodriguez excitedly explained the whole thing during an appearance on the Fox Business Channel's show, "Mornings with Maria." J.Lo gave him a shoutout for representing her so well. "Thank you@arod!!! ❤️"